Arlington Forest
Arlington, Virginia

Neighborhood Conservation Plans: An Arlington Tradition
     Since 1964, Arlington County has had a Neighborhood Conservation Program that relies on neighborhood volunteers to help plan their communities. Neighborhood conservation plans express community needs and guide county investments in improvements like park renovations, traffic management, stormwater management—whatever the community decides. Most communities in Arlington have a neighborhood conservation plan, and many (like ours) are posted online. The Neighborhood Conservation Program takes the plans into account in funding such neighborhood projects as renovation of the Edison Park playground in Greenbrier.

    Our current Arlington Forest Neighborhood Conservation Plan dates to 1991. The plan describes our neighborhood’s facilities and resources, and it makes recommendations for meeting our needs in such areas as pedestrian safety, parks and recreation, and neighborhood beautification. But Arlington Forest has changed in the last 30 years, so our plan needs updating.

     A small team of neighbors volunteered to revise the plan based on a neighborhood survey completed in spring 2020. In preparing the survey and drafting our revised plan, the team followed Neighborhood Conservation Program guidelines, incorporating a wide range of topics affecting our community. The revised plan describes neighborhood goals, conditions, resources, challenges, and opportunities and makes corresponding recommendations to the county.

     We invite you to comment on the draft revised plan, offering any edits and suggestions you like. The next steps are to incorporate your comments, finalize a set of recommendations, submit a final plan for approval by our AFCA officers, and deliver the plan to the county for review.