Arlington Forest
Arlington, Virginia

Neighborhood Conservation Plan
Edison Park Community Engagement 
Wednesday, February 13, 2019  
7:00 pm 
Barrett Elementary School Library

Come see the concept design for the upcoming renovation of Edison Park (in the Greenbrier section of the Forest). Landscape Architect Kathy von Bredow and County staff will present the design and listen to your thoughts on the plans. 
Following this meeting, architect Von Bredow will complete the design and present it at the April 24th AFCA meeting. Arlington Forest residents then may vote on approving the project. Once approved, the project will move into the implementation phase.

Please find project details and Kathy Von Bredow’s contacts on the County’s Edison Park Project page. Contact Liz Kauffman at or 571-327-6497 with questions about the AFCA approval process for this Neighborhood Conservation-funded project.